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In fact, Law itself is not such a cut-and-dried, sensible discipline, as people lean to think. It is more in the nature of a attitude, dealing with the most conceptual of concepts such as justice, right and wrong, fairness, guilt and purity, human rights and the duty of citizens to one another. It is how these principles are practical in a practical manner to individual situations that brings the study and practice of law from the abstract to the real.

Here are just a few of the areas of specialty in the legal profession today:

Loans and mortgages, Refinancing, Consolidation of loans, Taxes, Criminal Defense or tribunal, Personal Injury, Registration of Domain Names, Wrongful death suits, Insurance settlements, Medical claims, Malpractice suits, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Wills, Inheritance disputes, Custody agreements, Product liability, Business contracts

This partial list demonstrates how carefully every aspect of our society is impacted by the legal system and lawyers, also called attorneys, are the back of the system both in advocating for clients and in advising them. It is the job of lawyers not to write the laws but to apply them to particular conditions.

The occupation residential slowly and two distinct types of lawyers had appeared, actually creating two branches of the profession, which are still operating today: barristers and solicitors. A barrister is roughly the same to a trial lawyer and though a solicitor may appear in a lower court, he or she mainly advises clients and prepares cases for barristers to present in higher courts. But there was a natural difference built into their class scheme. On the one hand, only people of the upper classes could afford to be erudite well enough to practice law but it was thought to be under members of those classes to practice a profession at all. One should, in those days, have sufficient inherited income or income from property to have a safe livelihood without having a work.

Most lawyers have a specialization based on their own particular skills and preferences. Trial lawyers, even if they should prepare very carefully earlier, must feel happy “thinking on their feet” and speaking without prior preparation in public. Trial work, which may be done by any lawyer, is particularly matched to people with those skills and with a taste for playing what amounts to a game of strategy, sometimes with clients’ property, freedom or even lives, at stake.

Even within legal specialties there is suppleness. For instance, an attorney who has a reputation for being especially well versed in environmental law may take cases for the side of corporations being accused of polluting or for a citizens’ group attempting to sue such corporations for damages.

Some attorneys specialize in car accidents, on behalf of injured people, on behalf of people charged with causing accidents or on behalf of insurance companies. Some specialize in medical misconduct, on behalf of either patients or physician. Those who focus in courtroom criminal law, either as prosecutors or defense attorneys, are sometimes considered to be the “stars” of the legal system as they often are the most evident in terms of media reporting.

Whatever their area of expertise, if they plan to have one, every lawyer must go many years of education and training before they are approved. In most states this means that after earning a college degree a person must graduate from a law school, which has been accredited by the Indian Bar Association. They must then take, and pass, a bar examination. In a few states it is possible to take the bar exam after a kind of apprenticeship in a law office. This method was the one universally used before qualified law schools came into being.

Because of the fact that attorneys sometimes are called on to protect detested clients, they have sometimes been the bump of jokes at their outlay. But since it is almost impossible for a person to find their way through any legal embarrassing situation by themselves, there is no doubt that the legal profession will play a prominent role in our society for the predictable future. And last one this if anyone want to more detail so just log on to


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Indian legal method is a set of laws diagram its cause from diverse sources beginning with the customs of the antique Vedas personified in the present day Hindu personal laws governing mainly the area of marriage, succession, acceptance and guardianship. After the arrival of the Islamic rulers in the country Islamic law gained importance in the field of personal laws and continues to manage Muslim delicate law till date in the country. Subsequently, with the initiation of British rule in the country, Common law system became part of the Indian legal system. Questions of law and facts involving the application of provision of law derived from the various sources of law are adjudicated upon by the three tier hierarchy of courts followed in the country namely by the civil courts, criminal courts, family courts and various district courts which form the first level in this ladder followed by the High Courts of various States and finally by the Supreme Court of India which happily rests at the top of this pecking order.

High Courts are at the top of chain of command in each state and enjoy both original authority as well as appellate influence over the district courts of the States. However, most work of High Courts includes appeals from lower courts, writ petition under article 226 of the Constitution of India and supervisory authority under article 227. Thus High Court is the highest court of appeal in matters of civil and criminal cases of the State.

Delhi Lawyers Office is a leading law firm in Delhi dealing with civil and criminal matters on the appellate side in both the High Court of Delhi and the Supreme Court of India. We have been providing our proficiency in appeal matters to the approval of our clients for over three decades and endeavors to provide intellectual quality of high caliber so required in the field. Delhi Lawyers is your family law office and professional law firm in Delhi. For more information about appeal lawyer Delhi, India, criminal lawyer Delhi and Supreme Court of India lawyer please visit

About Us

About Us

Delhi Lawyers Office is a leading law firm in Delhi dealing with civil and criminal matters on the appellate side in both the High Court of Delhi and the Supreme Court of India. We have been providing our proficiency in appeal matters to the approval of our clients for over three decades and endeavors to provide intellectual quality of high caliber so required in the field. Delhi Lawyers is your family law office and professional law firm in Delhi. For more information about appeal lawyer Delhi, India, criminal lawyer Delhi and Supreme Court of India lawyer please visit

Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers in Delhi

Divorce Lawyers in Delhi

We are the best divorce law firm in New Delhi and provide best divorce lawyers for divorce cases. Our lawyers have a huge experience and give better result. If anyone have queries related divorce case then please fill up the contact form to discuss your issue. India has dissimilar divorce laws for different religions. Almost all the religions have their own divorce laws in India which are used between themselves.

The divorce lawyer should provide excellent advice relating to the divorce proceedings, and also other matters that might outside later on. A divorce lawyer can help you with important matters like; child custody, visitation, asset and property division, temporary orders etc…

Criminal Lawyers For Criminal Offences

Criminal lawyers in Delhi

Criminal lawyers in Delhi

We have showed customers who through regrettable making decisions may have found themselves in need of a lawyer and proper protection. Whether they are white-collar matters such as income tax, identification fraud, or computer coughing criminal offenses, or crimes like sexual assault, kidnapping, or killing, the attorneys at our company have obtained an excellent popularity for strongly protecting their customers. All the while maintaining the highest moral requirements possible, a feature that has been an unrivaled Clients in such cases are often suffering through the worst downturn of their lives and the connection of trust between customer and lawyers at our company is best. The company aims to protect the pride of the consumer and understanding of the court process throughout.

As a Law firm in Delhi we also provide criminal law services. We have specialized lawyers to deal with criminal related cases. If you are looking for criminal lawyers or need advice for criminal related cases please contact our law firm.

Civil Lawyers


Civil law is a legal system encouraged by Delhi Lawyers, the major aspect of which is that laws are written into a collection, codified and not determined as is common law, by judges. We provide information about civil law and also provide civil lawyers with highly experienced for all type of civil cases. A lawyer who specialist in civil law is known as a civil lawyer. Civil law has various fields with business laws, commercial laws, intellectual property laws, family laws, personal injury laws, probate laws, real estate laws, tax laws, etc. Civil law is a subdivision of law dealing with disputes between individuals and organizations, in which recompense may be awarded to the victim. A civil lawyer not only represents the client in a legal proceeding but also provides legal advice to the client in civil dealings. Civil litigation arises when there is a lawful conflict between two or more parties that demand for pecuniary recompense or some exact performance rather than criminal sanction. Civil litigation lawyers in Delhi, India are those who focus their legal practices on representing clients in the court.

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The partners and lawyers at our company are superior professionals and have affluent experience in their particular fields. It is our aim to grow to be the number one law firm in India; a firm that shall stand apart for the quality of our work and for our firm commitment to our Clients. For the same, we have urbanized particular experience in inter industrial and
Company Law, Family Disputes, Partnership disputes, Disputes with Governments,
Criminal Laws, Consumer Protection, Real Estate & Property Disputes, Traffic &
Driving Offenses etc.

The firm combines its formidable strength with friendly and open minded approach
to client service. Attorney at our company have rich experience in litigation at all
forums. We practice in Supreme Court of India, High Courts, Lower Courts,
Commissions and Tribunals. The lawyers at our law firm believe in giving services to
the best of the fulfillment to their clients. We suppose in developing a relationship
with our clients beyond client- lawyer relationship and help them in making correct
and knowledgeable choice.

Our practice is client focused and we work to deliver excellent service at every level.
The team at our business is accessible, highly qualified and dedicated to provide
quality legal services. The firm is well able to provide its clients with practical
efficient solution to their legal queries. Firm is fully equipped to provide support to
its venerated clients in Litigation, Legal Counseling and Legal Awareness of India.

Our Values
Honesty and mutual respect are principles guiding us in our dealings. We are
committed in providing result oriented solutions to our clients. We guarantee that
client approval is achieved through legal and commercially viable solutions with the
minimum go around time without compromising on the quality of the output. We
provide personalized attention so that we can provide custom solutions for your
problems. We also understand and care about our clients business and help them to
develop and succeed. We maintain honesty, trust, mutual respect and integrity in all
our relations.

Why Us
Our team includes Lawyers, Charted Accountants, Company Secretaries, Tax
Experts, and Labour Law Consultants etc., Hence we are capable to offer one roof
solution to the requirement of our clients.

Our first and prime aim is to provide personalized quality services to our clients. We
takes pride in the ability of our professionals, their in-depth knowledge, expertise and
the teamwork employed in responding to its clients’ needs.

Our attorneys work to help the clients in avoiding their problems, resolving disputes
and helping to achieve their business goals. Whether a small business in an budding
industry or a diversified multinational corporation or an individual, each of our
clients represent an important relationship with us to whom we dedicate our best
attention and service.

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